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The OFDb is built with Drupal, a flexible and powerful CMS licensed under the GNU General Public License. You can register an account and start contributing. By doing so, you agree to our contributor terms. After logging in, you find yourself on your profile page. You are now ready to contribute.

What to add

It is not easy to draw straight lines as to what should be added to the OFDb. Somewhat broadly defined, only films and TV shows are added to the database that could be shown in movie theaters or film festivals, broadcasted in TV or streamed by streaming services.

That would exclude material like music videos or cut scenes in video games, for instance. In addition, adult films are also not to be added (even though they might be shown in specific cinemas or on certain video websites). However, films showing nudity or depicting unsimulated sexual acts are not banned per se. Generally speaking, films and TV shows that are considered “porn” are not added to the database, while all other material is welcome.

The navigation should be straight forward. It contains two links, content and structure (with more links that appear when you hover them). The first one lets you create and edit movies, TV shows, and episodes. Under structure, however, you find all other content that can be referenced by movies, TV shows and episodes (like companies or genres).


If you want to edit a film, simply click the content link and you'll be able to search and filter through the film database. To add an entry, you can simply chose the appropriate link that appears after hovering the content link.


The structure link, however, doesn't have “add …” links. You simply click the link of the taxonomy where you want to add or edit content, and will see a content list and a “add term” button to add new content after the page loaded.


Regarding English spelling, we follow the UK orthography, i.e. “colour” instead of “color”, or “prioritise” instead of “prioritize”.

Additional resources

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